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Because cancer is personal, we believe that your treatment plan should be as well.  Using a blood sample that can be drawn at your local lab or doctor’s office, Onco Decision Dx is able to provide your healthcare provider with very specific information about your state of cancer and your response to treatment, including the presence of certain biomarkers that can be helpful in developing successful treatment plans. 


After a biopsy, additional tissue samples can be difficult and sometimes impossible to obtain. Routine imaging may not feasible, can be very expensive, and in some cases has limited precision. The CellSearch® CTC test is a precise, non-invasive and FDA approved alternative that your physician can utilize in your fight against cancer. All specimens should be accompanied by a requisition form and must be collected according to specific instructions that should be given to your provider.


Please call or follow up with your ordering physician for test results. Test results will not be released until your physician has received them. Once your physician has received results,  they can share them via phone,  mail or follow-up in-person visit. 

Onco Decision Dx will bill the patient or the patient’s insurance carrier directly for tests performed by ODDx provided we are able to do so successfully. Direct patient or third-party payors are billed according to the ODDx third-party payor fee schedule. Patients are billed for any copays or deductibles applied by the plan. Please be advised that you may receive a bill from Onco Decision Dx for your laboratory services. We recommend the patients contact their insurance providers with any questions regarding benefits or services covered. 

For more information or to arrange a CELLSEARCH® Circulating Tumor Cell Test , ask your provider to request our collection kit by contacting us at or calling us at 979-704-0245. 

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