Medical Team

Medical Provider Resources 

1.  All patient blood specimens must be:

  • Collected into the CellSave® preservation tubes and shipped to Onco Decision Dx on Mondays & Tuesdays only.  Please refer to the Onco Lab Collection & Specimen Handling form for complete details.


 Onco Lab Collection & Specimen Handling Form

  • Accompanied by a Onco Decision Dx Requisition Form. Please contact the Onco Decision Dx team if you have questions. or call  us at 979-704-0245.

Onco Lab Requisition Form

2.  Please contact Onco Decision Dx if you need additional CellSave® blood specimen tubes or shipping supplies.  You can also email your request to

3.  Patient lab results will be returned to the medical provider within 5 business days of the patient sample collection by fax or email.

Patient Lab Results Sample

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